Thursday, February 25, 2016

CCAA Showdown Highlights Week Five Action

Our Marquee Match-Up of the Week for this weekend heads out to the west coast, and we have yet another jam-packed schedule on the docket. Although there are no series' this week between a pair of ranked teams, we do have an awful lot of match-ups that consist of some lofty early-season win-loss records. Additionally, we are getting in to the swing of conference play in the west and south, which is going to create some favorites going forward for the next couple weeks.

Without further explanation, our week five Marquee Match-Up of the Week is...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First No-No of the Season on the Board in Week Four

Some huge performances highlighted week four in Division II baseball. We had our first no-hitter of the season thrown, a plethora of home runs hit, and some outrageous team performances (ahem, Nova Southeastern and Chico State). Below, we highlight the Top 25's performance over the last week and some games of note that took place.

Friday, February 19, 2016

First New PG Rankings Released, Let's Preview Week Four With Them!

The first in-season Perfect Game rankings have been released, and while it wasn't a major shake-up, you can already see the landscape beginning to take place. The south and west are continuing to produce a plethora of solid teams, while the usual suspects from the other regions are still hanging around as they get their seasons started. Inside, we preview this weekend's action for the top 25 and point out some of the best match-ups to watch for around the country, including our Marquee Match-Up of the Week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reviewing Week Three of the 2016 Season

Another week in the books for Division II baseball, and another week or two until we have every team in the country out on the field.  We review this past weekend's results and highlight a plethora of teams that have gotten off to some impressive starts on the season and could find themselves breaking through in the top 25 sooner rather than later.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Preparing for Week Three in D-II Baseball

A couple more schools throw their hat in to the ring this weekend in the world of Division II baseball, and non-conference match-ups still rule, although a couple conferences are already getting in to conference play, as well. Inside, we will point out a couple competitive match-ups this weekend for everyone to look out for, and provide ways to follow them for all you D-II baseball fans out there! Included inside? Our Marquee Match-Up of the Week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Defending Champions Rolling Already, Ranking Shake-Ups Coming

We are starting to get in to the full swing of the Division II baseball season! A little more than half of the pre-season Top 25 schools have been on the field for meaningful baseball games at this point. From here on out, I'll be giving a review of each weekend based on the previous week's Top 25 early in the week, and then previewing the next weekend's action after the new rankings are released. We'll break up the monotony with some different pieces here and there as we go.

With all that said, here is our first full review of Top 25 Division II baseball action. Additionally, I throw in a few teams who are unranked but have gotten off to a good start, and I explain this year's new NCAA Division II baseball tournament bracket, which has been upped to 56 teams.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Recapping Opening Weekend; Previewing Week Two

The first week of 2016 Division II play is in the books, and it was an eventful week to say the least. I had anticipated that it will be tough to do weekly rankings this year, and that proved to be pretty accurate. If the first week of play is any indication, there will be a lot of interchangeable teams as the season trucks on. Anyone appears to be able to beat anyone. The coming weeks will weed some teams out and bring the contenders to the forefront, but in the meantime, we will enjoy the craziness and parity of the D-II baseball landscape.

Read on to check out some interesting tidbits from the opening weekend and a short preview of this upcoming weekend's action.