Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pair of One-Hitters Highlights Friday's Action

Usually I don't make a post until after the weekend's games are done, but I felt obligated to do so with the performances that a couple pitching staffs had on Friday (Feb. 27) afternoon. Both Tampa (against Stillman) and UC San Diego (against Cal State East Bay) tossed one-hitters, with UCSD's coming from a single stellar outing, while Tampa had two pitchers combine in their gem.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Running at Full Capacity Starting This Weekend

The Division II landscape should be running at full capacity after this weekend, barring weather concerns, as most teams who have not played yet will begin their season on their spring break. The next couple weeks will be spread throughout the country, as many Northern teams will be traveling to the RussMatt Invite in Florida, Clearwater Invite, or out to Arizona to start their season beginning this weekend.

One notable match-up that we will be denied this week is the four-game set between #10 Emporia State and Central Missouri, as that series has been wiped out due to weather.

Here are some of the notable match-ups for this weekend and early next week:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not Much Settled Three Weeks in to the Season

More upsets graced the Division II landscape this past week, and nobody knows anything, still. It has been an interesting beginning of the year, with many of the top teams suffering some unexpected losses, even multiple, but then rebounding to balance out their ranking, while teams that were rolling to begin the year are now coming back down to Earth. A few more weeks, and we should have a good idea of where everyone stands, but until then, let's hold tight with what we've got!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Regional Contenders Face Off in Week Three

We head in to the third week of the Division II baseball season, and we are almost running at full capacity now. There will only be a couple notable teams left to hit the field after this weekend.

The D-II baseball world will be denied what would have been the top match-up of the weekend. #9 Grand Valley State was scheduled to head to Evansville to take on #4 Southern Indiana for the second straight year, but some bone-chilling winter weather has wiped that entire series off the docket. That gives the Screaming Eagles some more time to rebound from an emotional opening series with Tampa, and it pushes GVSU's season-opener all the way back to early March when they head to the RussMatt. GVSU will be one of the last teams in the country to kick off its season.

Despite that, there are plenty of huge match-ups taking place this weekend between a bevy of teams who will find themselves in the mix for a spot in their respective regional tournaments.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tampa Takes Biggest Series So Far; Newcomers Making Noise

Your weekly recap of Division II action is here! My apologies for being a day or so late. Today's post will be a recap of this past week's action, while this week's "preview" will take place on Wednesday or Thursday. I would like to see what kind of rankings Nick Herfordt at puts out this week. It will be the first weekly rankings now that a few more teams are starting to hit the diamond. That will probably be the usual schedule going forward. A recap early in the week and a preview after the newest rankings are released.

With that said, here we go in an eventful weekend in the Division II world.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week Two: An Appetizer to a Big Week

First, a little schedule update going forward. Currently, I plan on posting just once a week in these recap styles. However, once the entire country gets their season started, I plan on putting up multiple posts a week. Right now, it is mostly the southern schools playing and most of the NE/MW teams have not gotten started, and won't until early March. At that time, you can expect more in-depth posts from me.

With that said, we can get in to week two action!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Opening Weekend Produces Some Big Numbers

The 2015 Division II baseball season got underway this past weekend, and although there were no big surprises in the results, we did see that a few teams appear to already be on top of their game.

There were some gaudy numbers put up down south to open the year. #1 Tampa rolled Bentley 5-1, 13-5, 15-2. They will face Georgia College in a three-game set this weekend. The big match-up will come in the weekend after, when defending champion Southern Indiana comes to town.