Sunday, December 27, 2015

Welcome to 2016!

Hello, fellow Division II baseball friends. We are back again for another season of exciting competition! In the coming weeks, we will get in to some previews, talk about the pre-season polls that are starting to roll in (here is the College Baseball Newspaper poll if you are interested), and highlight some of the top returners that we will be seeing a lot of this season.

Before that, we will recap how all the 2015 Division II draft picks ended their professional seasons! I know I promised that sometime during the MLB playoffs, but life happened, and it will instead happen before we preview the 2016 season.

This year, we are looking forward to following along with another spectacular season of baseball, possibly handing out some player of the week awards, and continuing our match-up of the week segments.

Additionally, we will be rolling out a dedicated Division II baseball Twitter account for the blog, serving as an aggregate for the Division II baseball world, interesting results and musings, and using that as our main outlet for links to our newest posts. That will be introduced very soon!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable off-season, and keep checking in on new posts in the coming weeks!